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Capacity Building 2015

Open Innovation Platform for University–Enterprise Collaboration: new product, business and human capital development (OIPEC)

Подробнее: OIPEC

Licence professionnelle en formation ouverte et à distance pour la performance énergétique et environnementale des bâtiments en Fédération de Russie, en Chine et en Azerbaïdjan/ Professional License in open and distance learning for the energy and environmental performance of buildings in the Russian Federation, China and Azerbaijan  (LPEB)

Подробнее: LPEB

Bridging Innovations, Health and Societies: Educational capacity building in the Eastern European Neighbouring Areas (BIHSENA)

Подробнее: BIHSENA

Development of approaches to harmonization of a  comprehensive internationalization strategies  in higher education, research and innovation at  EU and Partner Countries (Harmony)

Подробнее: Harmony

Adaptive learning environment for competence in economic and societal impacts of local weather, air quality and climate (ECOIMPACT)

Подробнее: ECOIMPACT

Development and Implementation of the Master Programme - “Green Logistics Management“: Advancing Trans-Eurasian Accessibility through Sustainable Logistics Management and ICT Competence (LogOnU)

Подробнее: LogOnU

Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders (MARUEEB)

Подробнее: MARUEEB