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Information and Methodological Support

We inform the academic/HE community of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme

We promote the Erasmus+ Programme via diverse forms and formats – conferences, information days, both national held in Moscow and regional; publications; the web-site; social networks

We provide assistance to applicants and beneficiaries by offering consultancy and methodological support: methodological workshops, individual consultations, workshops led by key EU experts in specific subject areas.

We provide assistance to local organisations in search of national or foreign partners, as well as foreign organisations in search of local partners.

We assist organisations (higher education and other type of institutions) as well as individuals (students, university staff, professionals, etc.) involved in Erasmus+ activities (in relation to visa, tax, insurance, importing equipment, contacts with local authorities and the EU Delegation, etc.).

We promote cooperation, enhance synergies and support the exchange of good/best practices between Erasmus+ projects.

We provide support to the team of Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) by:

supporting and coordinating local activities of the team of Higher Education Reform Experts, including management of  part of the costs incurred by the HEREs' participation in external events and the costs related to local initiatives involving the HEREs; preparing reports on the activities implemented by the HERE team for EACEA;  and providing information about the HEREs activities to the national authorities.